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Carro Positano is a historic shop located in Piazza dei Mulini, the heart of the wonderful Positano.

Inspired by the paternal experience, Carro Positano has been a leader in the field for generations of the sale of men's / women's clothing and accessories, with an unmistakable style, created and selected with care and attention, to best interpret the Italian style.

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  • I love their shoes and bags. I bought some beautiful moccasins. They have the most comfortable shoes! I hope to be able to order more.


  • I go to shop for my annual attire for 15 years. I loved the shirt I bought for my brother. You are the best store on the Amalfi coast.


  • The best shop in Positano, where you can find the real Made in Italy at the right price. You absolutely have to go there!


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